1What is an online décor solution?
An online décor solution is a step-by-step décor guide created by an interior décor expert for you. It’s customized to your home / office and tailored to your specifications. So, now you don’t have to stress about, choosing the right colours on your walls, curtains, décor accessories like paintings, wall stickers etc…..you don’t even need to plan your furniture arrangement; we’ll advise it for you….
2What is a decor plan?
It’s a step-by-step decorating guide packed full of specific decorating advice for your room. Each décor plan is created from scratch and includes everything you need to know to create your designer room. Space Plan, furniture arrangement, room colour scheme, decorative accessories, artwork, lighting etc.... your decorating plan covers every aspect of your room to make it look aesthetically good.
3How do you know what I want?
We’re listening. Our exclusive The Living Walls - Client questionnaire let’s you do the talking. It tells us what you love and don’t love about your room. It tells us about what you want your room to look and feel like. It also shows us room color schemes and decor styles that make you feel delighted. One of our decor stylist will then get to work, finding the best way to make your customized interior decor dreams come true, all within your budget.
4How do I get started?
Click here to learn more about our complete Interior décor packages.
5How long does the typical project take?
Your part takes 20-45 minutes, all you need to do is fill the The Living Walls Client questionnaire. Once we receive your questionnaire and payment, We can work with any timeline….whether you need a new room ASAP or need more time. It normally takes about 1 weeks to complete the process which includes two initial décor concepts, messaging time with your décor expert, and your final décor plans, furniture layout, and shopping list. However Elite Décor Turn key project packages typically take between 1-2 months from start to finish due to their schedules and dependency on various external vendors.
6Can I talk to my décor experts during the design process?
Yes! You'll communicate with your interior décor experts during the design process through calls, chat/ email as per the package terms.
7Can décor experts work with my existing furniture?
Absolutely, in fact, we ask if you have furniture you would like to keep in your project details. Please be sure to share photos of the existing furniture you would like to keep.
8Will décor experts stay within my budget?
Yes, our décor experts will keep your budget in mind when selecting décor accessories.

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