About Us


About Us

The Living Walls is a creative start-up. We take pride in our endeavour towards spreading awareness about various forms of art and craft. We work with highly experienced artisans to nurture, preserve and promote these art forms to provide a creative platform for all artists and art lovers to come together, share their knowledge, skills and live their passion

Our offerings:

Art and craft studios: Conduct art and craft workshops for art lovers, regular art/ craft classes, certification courses etc.

Art workshops: Drawing, sketching, watercolour painting, acrylic painting, oil painting, palette knife painting etc.

Craft workshops – Decoupage art, bottle décor, wall decor, clay modelling, murals, quilling, mixed media, sospeso, foam art etc.

Other creative workshops: Terrarium, jewellery making, cake making, candle making, soap making, gardening, organic farming etc.

Customized gifts and souvenirs: Ideate, design, create and supply unique gifts and amazing souvenirs Paintings, wall décor plates, brass wall décor, clay murals, decoupage jewellery boxes, decoupage wall plates, tea light holders, canvas art plates etc.

Creative event management: Conduct creative workshops for corporate and institutions, art and craft carnivals, paint parties, art picnics, art theme birthday parties/ family gatherings..These workshops are highly effective in team building, employee engagement and stress relief etc for corporate employees and institutions

Online Store and Decor Consultations: Sell handmade paintings, artworks, handicrafts, gifts and souvenirs. Also provide online decor consultations for home and offices

The Living Walls facilitates Artist-led Art & Craft Workshops in studios and also conducts Art based Corporate Workshops across India.


Advantages of workshops from The Living Walls:

Active employee engagement, stress relief and anxiety management, enhances concentration, highly involving, effective team bonding, collaborative, boosts creativity and Innovation, highly relaxing and rejuvenating We also plan our workshops/ events based on various corporate themes/ occasions like festivals, ice-breaking, team building, relaxations, celebrations, fun day, family day and annual day etc.

“The Living Walls” also bring in their experience and deep understanding not just in design, but through their handmade paintings, art, crafts, texture, 3D wall art, customized gifts and souvenirs with quality and longevity.

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