Our Offering

The Living Walls (TLW) is the one stop solution for all your art needs – be it art education, art events, art workshops, art sale & rental or art therapy. We are focused on aggregating the art community to make it accessible to all. In India, Art has always been considered as a hobby or a co-curricular activity and the age-old belief is that it is meant for those few who draw well. But art is about observation, cognition, concentration and so much more. You would be surprised to know that “Art and design" improve perception and integration skills, it helps to think out of the box and to innovate. Visual Learning is long-lasting. Also practical application of art in our day-to-day lives is essential and helps us explore new dimensions. In a digital world — where animation and live-action stories are exploding, Art, craft, design and visual literacy are the need of the next generation. 

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