How can Art & Crafts Impact the Psyche of Children.

All About Paper Quilling As A Craft

Expressions of art are sensory and nonverbal and come from the deepest level of consciousness. With Art and Craft a child can express without the need to talk and communicate on multiple levels; tactile, visual, kinaesthetic etc. For kids who are introverted, overtly quiet and unwilling to mix, the pursuit of a meaningful hobby or art and craft form can work wonders.

Art and Craft can boost motor skills

Learning art and craft improves hand to brain coordination and enhances motor skills besides strengthening the inner fountain of creativity that every kid is blessed with.

Art and Craft can reverse gadget dependency

In the modern world, the pursuit of a meaningful art and craft form is even more necessary as it draws young minds away from gadgets and phones.

Art and Craft promotes all-round development

Learning art and craft boosts all-round development which is why new age, scientifically developed institutes like the Living Walls in Bangalore are so passionate about crafts for children and present innovative ways of learning crafts in Bangalore.

At Living Walls, a team of talented teachers and artists offer curated courses spanning across different kinds of art and crafts like drawing, calligraphy, clay art, paper quilling, mural making, origami, sospeso, bottle décor, etc.

Crafts for children and their benefits in enhancing the personalities of children is one of the primary reasons behind the conception of this institute. In a community based creative approach, any and every child can now learn crafts in Bangalore. Log in to The living Walls today to know more!!!

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