All About Paper Quilling As A Craft

How can Art & Crafts Impact the Psyche of Children.

Fun, easy and inexpensive paper quilling is one of the best-applied art forms ever. The Paper quilling craft is so versatile that it can even be taught to kids who have just started going to school.

Foundation piecing is an easy technique through which pieces of fabric, colorful material and other kinds of papers are stitched/ glued over a basic paper background to create a composite picture.

English Paper piecing is one of the oldest forms of paper piecing available. It pieces shapes with multiple sides and folds the fabric around those shapes to achieve a stable shape. With older kids, housewives, and anyone in need of a stale, productive hobby….the concept of paper quilling craft for earrings and artwork works best. Narrow strips of paper are rolled into coils/ scrolls and then arranged in lovely filigree patterns.

Quilling strips can easily be bought at any craft store or at an Art & Craft School Bangalore and bunches of earring hooks can be bought too thereby giving you a chance to create dozens of beautiful gifts for friends and family…or, you can even create framed artwork with paper quilling creating a variety of patterns.

If you don’t know paper quilling then an open and versatile Art training academy like the Living Wall in Bangalore is the best place to learn this lovely craft. Contact the best Art & Craft School Bangalore at The Living walls today and benefit from their expertise.


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