Palette knife Painting 3 month Certification Course


Palette knife painting is the most modern and unique technique of painting with vivid colours, natural rough textures and dense pigments with a quick drying property. Learn the most attractive form of art from experts

We provide you the opportunity to learn during the weekends with our 3 month course. Our professional artists will teach you the right way of using palette knives, acrylic paints, and creating an amazing world of your colourful imagination

Love your skills, live your passion..!

  • Palette knife painting fundamentals
  • Introduction to mediums, type of palette knifes / brushes, brush strokes etc
  • In Depth learning of palette knife painting techniques.
  • Medium: Acrylic Colour paints, Canvas Qualitative feedback from teachers in classroom
  • Suitable for any age above 10+ years
  • Classroom Sessions: 12 hours in a month
  • Home Practice Sessions: 12 hours in a month

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